Selected Wall Work


A solo exhibition of mixed media constructions. Re-contectualized debris and found material form the basis of her work. Muller’s work evokes the tracings of time and worlds of activity, distilled into simple constructs. Her pieces are located at an intersection of the geometric and organic form, leaving the viewer unsure of what s/he is seeing. Muller’s pieces speak of presence and absence, an uncertain history and connection. The visual effects of time, weather and juxtaposition of disparate matter, act as a metaphor for our personal, cultural and political experience.


Over the years a repository of material has presented itself to me: mesh – wire, cloth, plastic; eroded metal; organic matter that leaps into my hand. Material that is at once man-made and now with a geometry broken by weather and time – a metaphor for being.

In this cluster of work circles keep presenting. So I follow them seeking an algorithm – some logical sequence – that informs my perception of where I stand.


I am particularly drawn to several meanings of the word “Hover”: 1) unable to decide between alternatives; 2) to be in a condition that is neither one of two alternatives nor the other; and 3) to stay near a particular point. Ironically the word expresses a state of dis-placement: “What do you want X or Y? Neither.” The third meaning suggests a fixed state “to stay near a particular point.”

I found myself meditating on these nuances as I worked on the pieces in this exhibition. I noticed that, atypically, I gravitated to circle variants, and allowed my eye to seek and use material around me, thus following and exploring that pull. Clearly there is something about that form that reflects a simultaneous state of staying near a point, but moving, that perhaps “resolves or closes” the ambiguity.

Moving Out of Place

A two-person show by Constance Hamilton and Rebecca Muller. Each of the artists work probes the relationship of events, actions, bodily requests that force our being to physically and emotional move to another place.